Webcamming: The Sex Work Revolution That No One Is Willing To Talk About

Webcamming has appeared some years ago and quickly became popular among users. It became extremely popular not only among the viewers but also among girls who would like to make some money without leaving home. So, what are the benefits for users, and is webcamming a revolution in sex work?

Benefits for Viewers

Webcamming offers a list of benefits for the viewers. Firstly, they can choose any girl or girls they like. They register on the specific platforms that support webcamming activities and are able to browse for the girls they like best.

Secondly, the users do not pay for all communication. They only pay when the girl starts doing something they ask her to. Until that, they can communicate and find out whether they both mutually like each other and whether there is any sexual attraction between them. If they seem to not like each other, or the user finds that he does not like the girl that much, they just switch and there is no need to pay for choosing.

Thirdly, the users communicate with real girls. These are not fake accounts where hairy bearded guys can put a picture of a pretty girl on their profile and text with other guys. The user actually sees and talks to particular girls who cannot be fake profiles. They are also not just actresses in a porn video shot some time ago.

Fourthly, the users actually ask the girl to do this or that, and if she is okay with that, they can get the satisfaction they expect. In watching porn, even if it is a high-tech VR porn, there is no such option of asking an actress to do particular things.

Benefits for Girls

There are a lot of benefits for girls as webcam models, and perhaps this is the reason why so many girls participate in this activity. Webcamming is not prostitution, and it is even hard to call it porn – it is rather a sex talk where the girl is paid for her time and activity.

The first benefit is that the girl does not need to go anywhere, she just registers on the platform, proves she is not a fake profile and can make some money in her free time, without leaving her house.

Secondly, the girl does not interact with anybody physically. She is alone in her room and interacts only via the webcam. So there is no risk of unpleasant or dangerous interaction, she cannot be hurt in any way, and can block the user any moment if she finds this communication unpleasant or dangerous.

Thirdly, the girls are not forced to “work” if they do not want to and have no schedule. Webcamming can just be a pleasant sex hobby bringing some money.

All these benefits make webcamming extremely popular, so it becomes a real revolution in the sex industry. However, no one wants to discuss it, because people will use webcamming instead of other paid services.

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