Is Watching Live Webcam Sex Actually Cheating?

Today, Internet users have a wide range of various sex activities and entertainments. They can watch porn, both usual or high-technology virtual reality porn, chat on dating websites, watch erotic movies online, use sexting in different messengers, and so on, and so forth. Porn is one of the most widespread types of content most users search for when they consider spending a good time in the evening at home.

Watching porn is already not seen as any kind of cheating, because this is basically watching a highly erotic movie that features professional actors. Moreover, many users have a list of their favorite videos which they usually watch, only to get quick satisfaction without any efforts of communication.

However, there is another sex activity available on different platforms, and this is webcamming. Webcamming means that the user, or the “viewer”, communicates with a webcam model. She gives him a sex talk or performs a sex show, doing what he asks her to do, on the other side of the screen.

Webcamming, in contrast to porn, demands a certain level of communication. Porn is just a video shot some time ago, which the user watches. In the case of webcamming, the user can also just watch a sex show performed for another user, but cannot ask the girl to do something specific for his in particular. However, having a model doing something particular this specific user wants is exactly what people seek from webcamming.

So, to watch webcam for a successful and pleasant experience, the user has to choose the girl, communicate with her, and then decide if he wants a sex talk or a sex show from her. Sometimes, the user will have to pay already for the possibility to actually talk to a girl. But the sex show is what the user pays for always, in all cases.

So, can webcamming be considered cheating on a girlfriend of a spouse, keeping in mind that the user actually talks to girls and asks them to do what he wants to see? Well, taking into account that there is no real physical contact between the user and the model, this activity cannot be held as real cheating.

Perhaps some people will be offended if their husbands or boyfriends have sex talks with other women, but this does not seem to be a huge sin and stuff. This way, webcamming, even if a sex show was performed, is something between a sex talk and a porn video. It is just sex talk makes this “porn video” as customized to the user’s desires as possible.

Overall, it all depends on personality and whether a particular person can consider sex talk and webcamming cheating. Some couples are really jealous about each other and do not allow each other even a simple talk with a stranger of the opposite sex. Other couples are ok about each other watching porn separately, or even flirting with other people. Some couples are swingers and share each other with other partners. So, it all depends on the type of relationship.

In any case, webcamming seems safer than cheating or swing, because the users do not have a real physical contact. Therefore, pregnancy or infection is impossible. Emotional contact also fails to form without physical interaction.

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